Casal de Armán 2015 un Ribeiro tinto

Casal de Armán 2015 a Galician red wine from Valle a Avia of great freshness and good expression.

It is common trend that by «Galician terras» as they say in the region, the production of wines is oriented to the production of whites . That is indisputable. The cultivation of these grapes represents, according to a study by the Xunta, 90.10% of the total, with the remaining 9.90% destined for the production of red grape wines.

I have to admit that I like Galician red wines, every time I have the chance and I travel there, I never miss a bottle in any of my meals or in my suitcase on the way back. Mencía or Barrantes are my usual choices , for this reason and for a change this time I chose something different , Casal de Armán 2015.

Casal de Armán
Photo: Casal de Armán

The other day they asked me what was » high expression » or » good expression » in the thread of a tweet. A term for which there are detractors, for me it is one more of trying to convey my impression of a wine. My way of understanding the term is … an emotional feeling that characterizes the winery. There are wines that personally transmit this to me and I classify them as such. Made the clarification, let’s see the wine.

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Casal de Armán 2015 with DO Ribeiro made with three varieties of native grapes. Sausón, Caiño Longo and Brancellao. Short aging wine, barely 3-4 months in the bottle, but with 11 months of rounding off and racking in the tank. Nice cherry red color, its main aromas of red fruits give way to herbaceous notes. freshness predominates in the mouth, an easy mid palate, the fruit persists in a medium finish. Wine with a wide pairing (creamy cheeses, spoon dishes or even tapas). Price €11.

A different wine, very aromatic, with an Atlantic character from a limited edition of 3,500-4,000 bottles. Highly recommended to discover new grape varieties with a good RCP. Its 2016 vintage is already on the market.




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